How can I add background music to my game?

When you attach BGM to your game, use a MIDI file or a WAV file. If you use a MIDI file, you will need to create it by ACS. If you use a WAV file, you will need to create a MIDI file by ACS and then record or convert the MIDI file into a WAV file.


1.How can I create a WAV file?

There are 2 possible ways to create a WAV file from a MIDI file. One is using a software sound generator, the other is recording the sound of a MIDI file by software such as sound recorder.

(1) Converting a MIDI file into a WAV file by using software sound generator

Not all software sound generators can convert MIDI files into WAV files. You have to get one with this function and perform appropriate operations for conversion.

(2) Playing a MIDI file and recording it to a WAV file

Connect the terminal where the MIDI file is outputted and the external input terminal with a sound card by a cable. Start playing the MIDI file and recording of the WAV file at the same time. The MIDI file can be played by the Windows Media Player or by ACS. The WAV file can be recorded by the Windows Sound Recorder.