How can I add background music to my homepage?

It is necessary to create and edit a MIDI file and to write a HTML file in order to add BGM to your homepage.


1.How can I Create a MIDI file?

First of all, you will create a MIDI file by using ACS. You will find the created MIDI file in the output  folder(the folder in which ACS is set up in the initial stage).

In ACS, you can choose from one of the following MIDI standards, namely XG, GS or GM. (The music created in ACS sends out the reset command of XG, GS and GM to sound source at the  first bar.) Select GM if you want to attach BGM to your homepage. (If you select XG or GS, state it  clearly in your homepage.)  

Select a music style that matches your homepage, and try composing 5 or 6 tunes. Then you select the best one that suits your taste.

2.How can I edit a MIDI file?

You can use the created file in ACS as BGM. Moreover you can edit it by yourself. For example, you can adjust the chord length or delete a part of ending for loops.

Although you may not create a perfect tune by automated composing, you can make it much better by removing a slight dissonant and an unnatural part by using a sequence software. If you want to play the BGM repeatedly in your homepage, delete the ending part of music(the last few bars).

If you want to edit a MIDI file like above, you will have to use a sequence software. You can get it at PC shop or through the Internet for free.

3.How can I write a HTML file?

In order to play the created MIDI file in your homepage as BGM, you will need to write tags for HTML file. The tag used in each browser is different. Use the tag "EMBED" for the Netscape's browser. The tag "BGSOUND" for the Microsoft's browser. The tag "EMBED" can be used for both browsers. When you want to play BGM repeatedly, write both "LOOP" and "REPEAT" in "TRUE". If you are a perfectionist, you will need to distinguish the browser by using Javascript.

Following is an example script:
<embed SRC="snowside.mid" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="40" panel="1" autostart="true" loop="false" ALIGN="MIDDLE">

Finally, upload the HTML file with tags that you have just written and the created MIDI file together.