Chord Block


This page gives overview of ACS’s parameters.

Chord Block
Chord progression consists a series of chord blocks. Every chord block has chord name and length.
Chord Names
The Automated Composing System uses chords that consist of four notes. For example, C7 contains C, E, G, Bb. (Some chords have only three notes such as C. C contains only C, E, G.) The Automated Composing System does not use chords that consist of five notes, such as C9. Notes after 9th note are used as tension notes. The system uses sus4 note, but it always goes to major 3rd note quickly. The Automated Composing System also does not use 6th Chord such as C6.
Chord Length
The length of each chord block is determined using random numbers, and they will be from one to eight times of quarter note length. In many cases, chord length is equal to one measure. However, it is not necessary that chord length is equal to one measure.
If one measure is selected as chord length, the length of chord is always equal to one measure.