[Compose] Button


[Compose] button is on the [Compose Mode] of ACS. Click the [Compose] button, then the file which has already been setup is created and the music will be played.

Creating MIDI Files

The created file is always overwritten. The MIDI file which is generated by ACS can be edited by a general sequence software. In this automatic composition mode, the files  from MYMIDI00.MID to MYMIDI99.MID are created.
Ringtone files of "DOCOMO", "SMAF", and "au", cannot be directly outputted by automatic composition. Please output by simple conversion of a conversion function after creating a MIDI file by automatic composition.

Usage of [Compose] Button

If you want to stop composing and playing , click the [compose] button again. The button is dented while composing or playing. However, you can interrupt during play, but not during composition. Some music styles take a long time to compose, so please be patient. (Clicking other buttons could terminate composing and playing).