[Rhythm Pattern] Dialog Box

  [Rhythm Pattern] dialog box is used for setting the rhythm pattern of the [ Drum ( Main ) ] group.  
Usage of [Rhythm Pattern] Dialog Box
[Rhythm Pattern] dialog box is displayed when you click on the [Rhythm Pattern] button in the [Drum (Main)] group. Followings are the buttons you will use in this dialog box.

(1) [ Rhythm Pattern ] combo box Allows you to choose the rhythm pattern from options.
Click here for the explanation of parameters.
(2) [ Listen ] button Allows you to listen to typical sound of the rhythm pattern. Some pattern have several variations. In that case, you will listen one or two of the variations when you push [Listen] button. Since random numbers are used to generate rhythm pattern, you may listen different sound when you compose with the rhythm pattern.
(3) [OK] button Closes [ Rhythm Pattern ] dialog box.