[Harmony Pattern Settings] Dialog Box

  [ Harmony Pattern Settings ] dialog box allows you to specify a harmony pattern by yourself.  
Usage of [Harmony Pattern Settings] Dialog Box
[Harmony Pattern Setting] dialog box is displayed when you select [Custom] from the [Harmony Pattern] options. Followings are the buttons you will use in this dialog box.

(1) [ Harmony Pattern ] combo box Allows you to choose from "1 measure 1 pattern", "2 measure 1 pattern" and "1 measure 2 pattern".
This combo box will not be displayed in the sub-harmony's custom dialog box.
(2) [ Pattern ] table This is a matrix that allows you to create a pattern. The selected area will be played.
(3) [ Style in Guitar Stroke ] checkbox

Allows you to specify whether you shift the tones at the same timing like guitar strokes or not.

(4) [ Continue Pattern to Next Chord ] checkbox

Allows you to specify whether the current pattern to be continued to the next chord or return to the first pattern.

(5) [ Load ] button Allows you to load the created pattern you have saved previously.
(6) [ Save ] button Allows you to save the pattern you have created.
(7) [ OK ] button Closes [ Harmony Pattern Settings ] dialog box.