Overview of parameters


This page gives overview of ACS’s parameters.

[Style] -> [Melody] -> [Effect/Abbelimenti]
Effect/Abbelimenti] options are displayed when you click on the [Effect] or the [Abbelimenti] combo box in the [Effect/Abbelimenti] dialog box. You will see the selected effect and Abbelimenti in the  [Effect/Abbelimenti] window.
The following values can be selected as abbelimenti.
None Turns Abbelimenti off.
abbelimenti is used for melody.
Classical Adds classical taste to ornament.
Crazy Trill Makes the end of sound tremble.
Blues Adds blues taste to ornament.
Unstable Makes unstable sound.
Percussive Changes octaves by turning like a xylophone or a vibraphone.
Murmur Creates a sound like murmuring.
Pops Adds pop taste to ornament at the beginning of the sound.
Rap Voice Creates a rap vocal.
Andes Creates an ornament that is used in Andes music.
Scotland Creates an ornament that is used in Scottish music.