Provability table


This page gives information of provability table.
Every algorithm generates notes with different way. However, every algorithm refers provability table. Provability table controls what pitches can be used in given scale and chord. Therefore dissonant is determined by provability table.
There are two types of provability table. One is for scale, and other is for chords. If one of diatonic, just intonation, or blues is selected, provability table for chords will be used to generate melody notes. If other scale is selected, provability tables for scales will be used.

Provability table for scales
Provability table of scale is internally defined. This table determines which notes can be used with the selected scale.
Provability table for chords
Provability table of chord is provided as a file. NOTE.DB determines provability of each notes in most musical styles. NOTE.DBB determines provability of each notes in blues style music.
These two files are text file. Therefore they can be opened with note pad as well as other text editors.