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How can I save the created file as audio format such as WAVE and AIFF?

Followings are the steps you need to take. (Please note that in order to use this function,  you need QuickTime version 6.3 or later installed in your PC.)
If your original MIDI file has tones other than GM, GM tones will be assigned forcibly to the converted tones. Therefore there is a small possibility that unnatural conversion might be performed.
1. Start ACS.
2. Prepare a MIDI file for converting into WAVE or AIFF file. You can also prepare a MIDI file by using Compose Mode of ACS.
3. Switch to Convert Mode.
4. Click on the [Style] button.
5. Click on the [Format Change] button. Click on the [OK] button and close [Music Style Selection] dialog box.
6. Click on the [Convert] button.
7. Select the MIDI file for loading.
8. Select the file type from the list. Choose "wave files" or "aiff files".
9. Click on the [Save] button. Be aware and be patient that sometimes converting takes time for a while.