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Acorn rolling about (Donguri korokoro)Tadashi Yanada
A Counting Rhyme (Kozoe Uta)Japanese Traditional Song
Akita Prefectural song (H“cŒ§–―‰Μ)Tamezou Naruta
Akita woman (Akita Obako)Japanese Folk Song
Apple murmuring (Ringo no hitorigoto)Kawamura Kouyou
Army filing off march (Bunretsu Koushin Kyoku)Charles Edouard Gabriel Leroux
Army of sword (Battou Tai)Charles Edouard Gabriel Leroux
Asatoya YuntaJapanese Folk Song
Awa YoshikonoJapanese Traditional Song
AyaguJapanese Folk Song
Ball and lord (Mari to tonosama)Shinpei Nakayama
BangamuriJapanese Folk Song
Battleship march (Gunkan Koushinkyoku)Toukichi Setoguchi
Beautiful nature (Utsukushiki Tennen)Hozumi Tanaka
Big cold little cold (Oosamu kosamu)Japanese Traditional Song
Black hair (Kuro Kami)Japanese Folk Song
Blacksmith of the village (Murano kajiya)Japanese Traditional Song
Blue eye doll (Aoime no ningyou)Nagayo Motoori
Breeze of green (Midori no soyokaze)Shin Kusakawa
Bridal Doll (Hanayome ningyou)Haseo Sugiyama
Bubbles came out (Abuku tatta)Japanese Traditional Song
Canary (Kanariya)Narita Tamezou
Carp Streamer (Koinobori)Japanese Traditional Song
Carp streamer (Koinobori)Japanese Traditional Song
Caterpillar purring (Imomushi goro goro)Japanese Folk Song
CharumeraJapanese Traditional
Cherry blossoms (Sakura)Japanese Traditional Song
Child rabbit of Koyama (Koyama No Kousagi)Japanese Traditional
Chonko bushiJapanese Traditional song
Choo choo train (Kisha poppo)Nagayo Motoori
Clear away (Okataduke)Japanese Traditional Song
Colors of the sunset (Yuuyake koyake)Kusakawa Shin
Come Demon to hand clap (Onisan Kochira tenonaru houe)Japanese Folk Song
Come firefly (Hotaru koi)Japanese Traditional Song
Come spring (Haruyo koi)Ryutaro Hirota
Compare heights (Seikurabe)Shinpei Nakayama
Conducteing Group Song (Kyoudou danka)Japanese martial song
Cradle Song (Yurikago no uta)Shin Kusakawa
Crane and tortoise (Tsurukame)Japanese Traditional
Crow (Karasu)Japanese Traditional Song
Daikoku samaJapanese Traditional Song
Dance of autumn (Aki no odori)Japanese Folk Song
Dance song of Ainu (A herey hey yo)Japanese minority traditional
Danjyu KariyushiJapanese Folk Song
Dekansho bushiJapanese Traditional Song
Dendera dragon (Denderaryu)Nagasaki Pref
Densah BushiJapanese Folk Song
Diamond - water is vessel (Kongouseki mizu wa utsuwa)Japanese Traditional Song
Did plum bloom (Ume wa saitaga)Japanese Traditional Song
Dodoitsu(Futaagari)Japanese Traditional
Dodoitsu(Houchoshi)Japanese Traditional
Do Do ItsuJapanese Folk Song
Dog (Inu)Japanese Traditional Song
Doll to pray the sunny (Teruteru bouzu)Nakayama Shinpei
Doll (Ningyou)Japanese Traditional Song
Donpan BushiJapanese Folk Song
Dove (Hato)Japanese Traditional Song
Drawing Apple (Ringo)Japanese Folk Song
Drawing cook (Bouga ippon attatosa)Japanese Folk Song
Drawing Face (Henoheno moheji)Japanese Folk Song
Drawing Fish (Yamaga atte)Japanese Folk Song
Drawing Madam (Yoko yoko tate yoko)Japanese Folk Song
Drawing octopus (Tako nyuudou)Japanese Folk Song
Drawing Pig (Butasan)Japanese Folk Song
Drawing rabit (Usagisan)Japanese Folk Song
Dream (Yume)Japanese Traditional Song
Dwarf monk (Issun boushi)Torazo Tamura
Echigo Lion (Echigo shishi)Japanese Traditional Song
Edo lullabyJapanese Traditional Song
English Coast Song (Igirisu kaigan no uta)Kenji Miyazawa
Erabu Lily (Erabu Yuri No Hana)Japanese Folk Song
EtenrakuJapanese Traditional Song
Etenraku KonyouJapanese Folk Song
Ferryman song (Sendou kouta)Shinpei Nakayama
Final day (Senshuraku)Japanese Traditional
Flourish Flourish (Hiraita Hiraita)Japanese Traditional Song
Flower (Hana)Rentarou Taki
Flower (Ohana)Japanese Folk Song
Four seasons of country (Inaka no shiki)Japanese Traditional Song
Four seasons rain (Shiki no ame)Japanese Traditional Song
From high mountain (Takaiyama kara)Japanese Folk Song
From high mountain (Takai yama kara)Shizuoka - Wakayama Pref.
From North Sky Curly Sheep (Kitazora no chizirehitsuji kara)Kenji Miyazawa
Full moon (Jyugoya otsukisan)Nagayo Motoori
Gicchon ChonJapanese Folk Song
Gion bayashiJapanese Traditional Song
Gion Bayashi Iwato... (Gion Bayashi Iwato yama)Japanese Traditional Song
Give me seasoned (Nori kudasai)Japanese Folk Song
GoeikaJapanese Traditional Song
Goldfish (Kingyo)Japanese Traditional Song
Gondola song (Gondola no uta)Nakayama Shinpei
Good byeKouyou Kawamura
Good harvest Year (Hounen Mansaku)Japanese flok song
Good timing song (Magaii Song)Japanese Folk Song
Goudo BushiJapanese Traditional
Great Bodhisattva Pass (Daibosatsu touge no uta)Kenji Miyazawa
Great Buddha of Nara (Nara no daibutsusan)Nara PrefectureFolk Song
Green leaves (Aoba)Japanese Traditional Song
Hakone hachiriRentarou Taki
Hama ChidoriKoutarou Hirota
Hanagasa ondoYamagata Pref. Folk Song
Hana ichimonmeJapanese Traditional Song
Hanasaka old man (Hanasaka jijii)Torazo Tamura
Happy Doll's Festival (Ureshii Hinamatsuri)Kawamura Kouyou
Hataha HatahaJapanese Folk Song
Hazy moon (Oboro dukiyo)Okano Sadaichi
Hide and Seek (Kakurenbo)Japanese Folk Song
HitotsutoseKyoto Pref. Folk Song
Hitowo koiuru utaJapanese Traditional Song
Hokkai bon utaHokkaido Pref. Folk Song
Home Town (Furusato)Sadaichi Okano
Honor salute (Eiyo rei)Japanese Traditional Song
Horse keeper song of Hakone (Hakone mago uta)Japanese Traditional Song
Hou hai bushiJapanese Folk Song
Hyuga kobiki utaMiyazaki Pref. Folk Song
Ichijou modoribasiKyoto City Folk Song
Insects chirping (Mushi no koe)Japanese Traditional Song
Irohani KonpeitouJapanese Folk Song
Iroha UtaJapanese Folk Song
I say to the teacher (Sensei ni yuutaro)Japanese Folk Song
Ise ondoMie Prefecture Folk Song
Itsuki Lullaby (Itsuki no komoriuta)Kumamoto Pref. Folk Song
ittah anmah kaigaJapanese Folk Song
January First (Ichigatsu Tsuitachi)Sanemichi Ue
Japanese flag (Hinomaru no hata)Okano Sadaichi
Jin JinJapanese Folk Song
Juushichi hachi bushiJapanese Folk Song
kagome kagomeJapanese Traditional Song
KamakuraJapanese Traditional Song
Kamui Yukar SuzumeJapanese Folk Song
Kan kan nouJapaneseTraditional from China
KankouJapanese Traditional Song
KapporeJapanese folk song
Kawachi ondoJapanese Traditional Song
Kawachi OndoJapanese folk song
Kei Hittouri BushiJapanese Folk Song
King of the hill (Oyama no Taisho)Motoori Nagayo
Kintarou (kintarou)Tamura Torazo
Kiso bushiJapanese Traditional Song
Kite song (Tako no uta)Japanese Traditional Song
Kitten of my home (Uchi no koneko)Japanese Traditional Song
Kojima takanoriSadaichi Okano
Kokiriko bushiToyama Pref. Folk Song
Konpira funefuneJapanese Traditional Song
KouyouJapanese Folk Song
Kuroda bushiFukuoka Pref. Folk Song
Kusatsu bushiGunma Pref. Folk Song
Kushimoto bushi (kushimoto bushi)Japanese Traditional Song
Let's capture (Tsuroyo Tsuroyo)Osaka Pref. Folk Song
Log boat (Maruki bune)Shinpei Nakayama
Lullaby of Ainu (Hoy su ha o ha o)Japanese minority traditional
Makkuroke bushiAzenbou Soeda
Maple leaf (Momiji)Okano Sadaichi
MarutakeebisuKyoto City Folk Song
May your reign (Kimigayo)Yagiro Shinagawa
Menoko YukaraJapanese Folk Song
Miyasan MiyasanMasujiro Omura
Monkey crab (Saru kani)Benjiro Nousho
Monkey (Osarusan)Japanese Folk Song
Monk Monk (Bousan Bousan)Tochigi Prefecture Song
Moon Electric Light Pole (Tsukiyo no denshinbashira)Kenji Miyazawa
Moon (Tsuki)Japanese Traditional Song
Moon over the Ruined Castle (Koujyou no Tsuki)Rentarou Taki
Morning glory (Asagao)Japanese Traditional Song
Morning of ranch (Makiba no Asa)Eikichi Funahashi
Morning (Asa)Shingo Oda
Morning sun rose (Asahi wa noborinu)Japanese Traditional Song
Mountain monkey (Oyama no osaru)Ryutaro Hirota
Mount Fuji (Fujji no yama)Japanese Traditional Song
Mount ooe (Ooe yama)Tamura Torazo
Mt. Bandai of Aizu (Aizu bandaisan)Fukushima PrefectureFolk Song
Mumura OdoriJapanese Folk Song
My Brother (Niichanga)Japanese Traditional Song
Naha City Citizen Song (“ί”eŽsŽs–―‰Μ)Myara Chouhou
Nanbu bon uta nanyadoyaraJapanese Folk Song
Nariyama AyaguJapanese Folk Song
Nasu yoichiJapanese Traditional Song
New dawn (Shingyou)Miyagi Michio
New year (Oshogatsu)Rentarou Taki
Ninomiya KinjiroJapanese Traditional Song
Northwest of the capital (Miyako no seihoku)Tetteki Tougi
Noue bushiKanagawa Pref. Folk Song
Nyanya(hachinohe)Iwate Pref. Folk Song
Nyanya (ichinohe)Iwate Pref. Folk Song
Nyanyatoyara no torajo samaIwate Pref. Folk Song
Ocean Child (Ware wa uminoko)Japanese Traditional Song
OcharakaJapanese Traditional Song
Oedo nihonbashiTokyo City Folk Song
Okinawan Lullaby (Komoriuta)Japanese Folk Song
Okosa bushiAkita Pref. Traditional Song
Oppekepei song (Oppekepei ka)Japanese Traditional Song
Orange Kumquat (Mikan Kinkan)Japanese Folk Song
Osaka city song (Osaka si ka)Akira Nakata
Osanmu Kosamu(ver2) (Osanmu Kosamu)Japanese Traditional Song
OtemoyanKumamoto Pref. Folk Song
Painful hurts go away (Itaino Itaino Tondeike)Japanese Folk Song
Pass along (Touryanse)Japanese Traditional Song
Pastoral Song (Bokka)Kenji Miyazawa
Peony of this year (Kotoshi no botan)Japanese Traditional Song
Pirika MenokoJapanese Traditional
Pirika PirikaJapanese Folk Solng
Pirka PirkaJapanese Folk Song
Planting rice (Taue)Japanese Traditional Song
Polan Square (Polan no hiroba)George Evans
Pond carp (Ike no koi)Japanese Traditional Song
Pony (Kouma)Japanese Traditional Song
Postman (Yuubinya san)Japanese Traditional Song
Postman (Yuubinya san)Japanese Folk Song
Priest of mountain temple (Yamadera no oshosan)Japanese Traditional Song
Puff puff train (Kisha poppo)Shin Kusakawa
Put the breast (Omunewo harimasyo)Japanese Traditional Song
Rabbit (Usagi)Japanese Traditional Song
Rabit dance (Usagi no dance)Nakayama Shinpei
Raccoon dog Music of Shojoji (Shojyoji no tanukibayashi)Nakayama Shinpei
Raccoon Dog of Mt.Genkotsu (Genkotsuyama no tanukisan)Japanese Traditional Song
Racoon dog (Tanuki no ko)Japanese Folk Song
Railway song (Tetsudou shoka)Umewaka Ono
Rainfall (Amefuri)Nakayama Shinpei
Rainy moon (Amrefuri otsukisan)Nakayama Shinpei
Red bird small bird (Akaitori kotori)Narita Tamezou
Red shoes (Akai kutsu)Nagayo Motoori
Restoration March (Ishin March)Japanese Traditional
Rokudan No ShirabeYatsuhashi Kengyou
Rokudan No ShirabeYatsuhashi Kengyou
Roly-poly (Okiagari koboshi)Japanese Traditional song
Saitarou bushiMiyagi Pref. Folk Song
Sand mountain (Suna yama)Nakayama Shinpei
Scarecrow (Kakashi)Japanese Traditional Song
Scattering parched beans (Mamemaki)Japanese Traditional Song
Scent of plum (Ume no Kaori)Japanese Folk Song
Scolded (Shikararete)Koutarou Hirota
Sea gull sailor (Kamome no suiheisan)Kawamura Kouyou
Sea (Umi)Japanese Traditional Song
Seven children (Nanatsu no ko)Nagayo Motoori
Shoes ring (Kutsu ga naru)Hirota Ryutaro
Shoulder massage (Katatataki)Shinpei Nakayama
Sitting song of Ainu (Atuy so kata)Japanese minority traditional
Skylark (Hibari)Japanese Traditional Song
Snail (Katatsumuri)Japanese Traditional Song
Snow FightGerman Folk Song
Snow removal songJapanese Folk Song
Snow (Yuki)Japanese Traditional Song
Snow (Yuki)Koutou Minezaki
Soap bubble (Shabondama)Shinpei Nakayama
Song of Ainu (Ainu no uta)Japanese Folk Song
Song of celebration (iwee bushi)Japanese Folk Song
Song of mine (Tankou bushi)Fukuoka Pref. Folk Song
Song of plover (Chidori no kyoku)Kengyou Yoshizawa
Song of praying for rain (Armingi nu uta)Japanese Folk Song
Song of the beach (Hamabe No Uta)Tamezou Narita
Song of the egg custard (Chawanmushi no uta)Japanese Folk Song
Song quarrel of Ume (Umeno utagenka)Unknown
Sooran bushiHokkaido Pref. Folk Song
Space Travel Song (Hoshimeguri no uta)Kenji Miyazawa
Sparrow school (Suzume no gakkou)Ryutaro Hirota
Spring has come also to plum (Ume nimo haru)Japanese Traditional Song
Spring rain (Harusame)Japanese Traditional Song
Spring sea (Haru no umi)Michio Miyagi
Spring season has come (Haru ga kita)Teiich Okano
Spring somewhere (Dokokade haruga)Shin Kusakawa
Spring stream (Haru no ogawa)Okano Sadaichi
Star (Hoshi)Japanese Traditional Song
Summer has come (Natsu wa Kinu)Sakunosuke Koyama
Sun Flower (Himawari)Japanese Folk Song
Sungar BushiJapanese Folk Song
Sunrise (Hinode)Japanese Folk Song
Sunset (Yuuhi)Nobutoshi Miyake
Sword Dance Song (Keibai no uta)Kenji Miyazawa
Syomyo SingyoJapanese Traditional Song
Takeda Lullaby (Takeda no komoriuta)Japanese Traditional Song
Tanabata samaKanichi Shimofusa
Tea]picking (Chatsumi)Japanese Traditional Song
Tenjin child musical band (Tenjin kodomo bayashi)Japanese Traditional Song
The Gold-Bug (Koganemushi)Nakayama Shinpei
Theme of seirogan (Seirogan no theme)Japanese Traditional Song
The Peach Boy (Momotarou)Sadaichi Okano
There is a stcik (Bouga ippon attatosa)Japanese Traditional Song
The Soga brothers (Soga kyoudai)Japanese Traditional Song
The Tortoise and the Hare (Usagi to kame)Benjiro Nousho
This town that town (Anomachi konomachi)Shinpei Nakayama
To drink tea (Ochao nomini)Japanese Traditional Song
Togari Nezumi No Kamui YukaraJapanese Folk Song
Tokyo ondoShinpei Nakayama
Tomorrow (Ashita)Ryutaro Hirota
ToubararmaJapanese Folk Song
Toyama lullaby (Toyama no komoriuta)Japanese Folk Song
Toy March (Omocha no march)Jyujin Odajima
Train Play (Densha gokko)Japanese Folk Song
Tsugaru jongara bushiAomori Pref. Folk Song
Tumbler (Darumasan)Japanese Traditional Song
UnkabaiJapanese Hymn
Urashima TaroJapanese Traditional Song
UshiwakamaruJapanese Traditional Song
Village festival (Mura Matsuri)Yoshie Minami
Waits early spring (Sousyunfu)Akira Nakata
Wash your hands (Oteteo araimashoo)Japanese Traditional Song
Weeding Song (Ta no kusa tori uta(Nanyatoraya))Japanese Folk Song
Where are you from? (Antagata dokosa)Japanese Traditional Song
Where the morning from (Asawa dokokara)Kunihiko Hashimoto
Willow of Ginza (Ginza no yanagi)Nakayama Shinpei
Wind Bell (Fuurin)Shin Kusakawa
Windmill of flower (Hananu Kajimaya)Japanese Folk Song
Wind (Kaze)Sin Kusakawa
Winter night (Fuyu no yoru)Japanese Traditional Song
Winter scenery (Fuyu geshiki)Japanese Traditional Song
Yagi bushiJapanese Folk Song
Yakko sanJapanese Traditional Song
Yappan MarceJapanese Traditional
Yasuki bushiShimane Pref. Folk Song
Yodo no kawaseOsaka Pref. Folk Song
Yodo river 30sen Boat song (Yodogawa sanjyuusen funauta)Osaka Pref. Folk Song
Yokohama city song (Yokohama ci ka)Yoshie Minami
Yosakoi BushiJapanese Folk Song
Yubikiri GenmanJapanese Folk Song
Ziamari DodoitsuJapanese Traditional
Zuizui ZukkorobashiJapanese Traditional Song
Zundoko bushiJapanese Traditional Song

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