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[F] Ordered by Original title

Ordered by English title

  Faded Roses American Folk Song


  Fais dodo French Nursery Rhyme

  Fang ma shange

Chinese Folk Song China
  Farewell dear love Robert Jones


  The Farmer In The Dell Unknown USA
  Far Mountains English Folk Song


  Father Abraham American Folk Song USA
  Father Grumble English Folk Song England
  Feng yang huagu

Chinese Folk Song China
  Fenesta che lucivi e mo non luci Italian Folk Song Italy
  Festival (4/4 ver.) German Folk Song Germany
  Festival (6/8 ver) German Folk Song Germany
  Fiddling Soldier American Folk Song USA
  Fiesta Aymara Bolivian folk song Bolivia
  Firefly German Folk Song Germany
  The First Nowell English Folk Song England
  Fisherman's song Turkish folk song Turkey
  Five Times Five Nursery rhyme Unknown
  Flee as a Bird Spanish Traditional Song Spain
  Floh Walzer Foreign Song


  Flower And Leela Iranian Folk Song Iran
  Flower, beautiful flower Turkish Dance Song Turkey
  The Flowers O' The Forest Scottish folk song Scotland
  Flow Gently Sweet Afton James E. Spilman スコットランド民謡
  Fod! English nursery rhyme Unknown
  Foggy foggy dew English Traditional Song England
  Forest camp English Folk Song England
  Forest Cuckoo Swiss Folk Song Switzerland
  Forest Polka Polish folk song Polish
  Form Ring French Folk Song France
  For my dear German Folk Song Germany
  For peace Indonesian Folk Song Indonesia
  Først den ene vej Danish Traditional Song Denmark
  Fortune thy foe William Byrd England
  Frere Jacques French Traditional Song France
  Freut euch des Lebens Hans Georg Nägeli


  Frog German Folk Song


  The Frog and The Crow Unknown Unknown
  Fröhlicher Landmann Robert Alexander Schumann Germany
  From the Mouth of God Israeli folk song Israeli
  From the new World
Antonin Leopold Dvorak Bohemia
  From the New World
2nd movement
Goin' Home
Antonin Dvorak Czechoslovakia
  The Frost Russian folk song Russia
  Fuchs, Du Hast Die Gans Gestohlen German Traditional Song Germany
  Fujji no yama

Japanese Traditional Song Japan
  Full fathom five Robert Johnson England
  Funiculì funiculà Luigi Denza Italy
  Für Elise Ludwig van Beethoven Germany

Sadaichi Okano



Shin Kusakawa Japan
  Fuyu geshiki

Japanese Traditional Song Japan
  Fuyu no yoru

Japanese Traditional Song Japan

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