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Wahine Holo LioHawaiian Folk Song
WaikapuHawaiian Folk Song
WaipioHawaiian Folk Song
Waiting For SpringFrench Folk Song
Waitingfor youIndian Folk Song
Waiting MotherThai Traditional Song
Waits early spring - 早春賦Akira Nakata
WalsinghamJohn Dowland
Waltzing MatildaMarie Cowan
wan'a be a pigeon and fly awayCzech Traditional Song
WanderingsSwiss Folk Song
War marchZekai Dede(pronunciation)
Wash your hands - おててをあらいましょうJapanese Traditional Song
Wayfaring strangerAmerican Traditional Song
Weary from the Long WalkTurkish Folk Song
Weaving a Basket for Flower - 編花籃(Bian hualan)Chinese Folk Song
Wedding celebration songSyrian folk song
Wedding march (Ein Sommernachtstraum)Mendelssohn
Weeding Song - 田の草取り歌(なにゃとらや)Japanese Folk Song
Wee Willie WinkieEnglish Folk Song
Welcoming songAmerican Traditional Song
Westminster ChimesBritish Folk Song
We will not defeatedAmerican Folk Song
We Wish You A Merry ChristmasEnglish Traditional Song
What A Friend We Have In JesusAmerican Traditional Song
What are Little Boys Made OfUnknown
What comes in from outside (Horch, was kommt von draußen ' rein)German Folk Song
What shall he have that killdJohn Hilton
Wheat flowerIranian folk song
when all the fountains ... (Wenn alle Brünnlein fließen)German Folk Song
When I was a young bachelor (Als ich ein jung Geselle war)German folk song
When I was postal carriage - КОГДАЯНАПОЧТЕСЛУЖИЛЯМЩИКОМRussian Folk Song
When Johnny comes marching ... (When Johnny comes marching home)American Traditional Song
When that I was and a little.. (When that I was and a little tiny boy)English Folk Song
When The Saints Go Marchin InAmerican Traditional Song
When Ye Gang Awa, JamieScottish Folk Song
When You and I Were Young ... (When You and I Were Young Maggie)J.A.Butterfield
Where are you from? - あんたがたどこさJapanese Traditional Song
Where Are You Going To My ... (Where Are You Going To My Pretty Maid)Unknown
Where griping griefRichard Edwards
Where the bee sucksRobert Johnson
Where The Four Leaf Clovers... (Where The Four Leaf Clovers Grow)Rudolph Ernest Reuter
Where the morning from - 朝はどこからKunihiko Hashimoto
Where You There? (Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?)Spiritual Song
Whistler and dogArthur Pryor
White FlowerSpanish Folk Song
White gadardaArab folk song
Who Hide RingGreek Folk Song
Who Killed Cock Robin'English Folk Song
Who Wrote Home Sweet... (Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Never Was Married Man)American Folk Song
Why Did I GetToKnowYou,MyDear? - Зачем тебя я,милый мой,узнала?Russian Folk Song
Widele wedeleGerman folk song
Wie lieblich schalltGerman Folk Song
Wild field duckRussian Folk Song
Wild gooseDutch Folk Song
Willow of Ginza - 銀座の柳Nakayama Shinpei
Willow songEnglish Folk Song
Will Ye No Come Back Again?Scottish folk song
Wind Bell - 風鈴Shin Kusakawa
Windmill of flower - 花ぬ風車Japanese Folk Song
Wind - 風Sin Kusakawa
Winkum, Winkum, Shut your eye.Unknown
Winter ade!German Folk Song
Winter night - 冬の夜Japanese Traditional Song
Winter scenery - 冬景色Japanese Traditional Song
WintertimeRussian Folk Song
Woa Ha Ha - 娃哈哈(Woa Ha Ha)Chinese Folk Song
Wooden soldierFrench Folk Song
Wzialbym ja bandure - Взяв би я бандуруUkrainian Folk Song

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