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Beard Old Man (Higegiisan)unknown
Box lunch songUnknown
Boys Girls Come Out PlayEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Bus Bus DrivingUnknown
Bye Baby BuntingEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Child And AdultUnknown
Climbing MountainUnknown
Come togetherUnknown
Days Of The MonthsEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Did You Ever See LassieEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Down By The BayUnknown
East India NightingaleUnknown
Five Times FiveUnknown
Floh WalzerForeign Song
Frog He Would A-Wooing GoUnknown
Good Morning To YouEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Grove MorningUnknown
Hail To BritanniaUnknown
Here We Go Looby LooEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Here we go round the mulberryEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Hey Diddle Diddle(ver2) (Hey Diddle Diddle)Unknown
Hey Diddle DiddleEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Hickory Dickory Dock(ver2) (Hickory Dickory Dock)Unknown
Hickory Dickory DockEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Honduran Lullaby (Dormite, ninito)Unknown
Honey bee marchUnknown
Hot Cross BunsEnglish Nursery Rhymes
How Do You DoEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Humpty DumptyEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Hush Bye BabyEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Hush Little BabyUnknown
Im a Little TeapotUnknown
Incy Wincey Spider (Eency Weency Spider)Unknown
I saw three ships come sailingUnknown
Jennie JenkinsUnknown
Johnny SandsJohn Sinclair
Ladybird LadybirdEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Last Evening ConcertUnknown
Lavenders BlueUnknown
Les Trois Marins de Groix ()French Folk Song
Little Bo PeepEnglish nursery rhyme
Little Boy BlueUnknown
Lovely mayUnknown
Mild spring windUnknown
Oranges And LemonsEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Pat A Cake Pat A CakeEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Pease Pudding HotEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Polly Put Kettle OnEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Pop Goes The WeaselEnglish Nursery Rhymes
PorehoTahitian song
Pussy Cat Pussy CatEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Rhythm TogetherUnknown
Ring a Ring O RosesUnknown
Sally Go Round The Sun(ver2) (Sally Go Round The Sun)English Nursery Rhymes
See Saw Marjory DawEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Sing a Song Of SixpenceUnknown
SometimeCharles Gabriel
Song for canaryUnknown
Song for canaryUnknown
Song for forest larkUnknown
Song for Grey StarlingUnknown
Song for singing dusky thrushUnknown
Song for untruthUnknown
Sweden MarchUnknown
Swimming WaltzUnknown
The Alphabet SongUnknown
The Circus SongUnknown
The Farmer In The DellUnknown
The Frog and The CrowUnknown
The Grand Old Duke Of YorkUnknown
The Greenland Whale FisheryUnknown
The Ground HogUnknown
The Housewife's LamentBelle Robinson
The Kicking MuleUnknown
The Sleigh RideBonemian Folk Song
The Spider and The FlyUnknown
The Three Little KittensUnknown
thinga ringa rinEnglish Nursery Rhymes
This Old ManUnknown
Three Little KittensEnglish Nursery Rhymes
Tom Tom The Pipers SonUnknown
War marchZekai Dede(pronunciation)
What are Little Boys Made OfUnknown
Where Are You Going To My ... (Where Are You Going To My Pretty Maid)Unknown
Winkum, Winkum, Shut your eye.Unknown

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