Overview of parameters


This page gives overview of ACS’s parameters.

Melody Table
[Style] -> [Melody] -> [Algorithm] -> [Melody Table]
With Melody table, notes are generated according to settings determined by the user. The upper section of the Melody table determines the difference in pitch of successive note and the lower section determines the change or stability of direction of that difference in pitch. If you prefer, you can go to Examples to practice.
With melody table, frequency and direction can be defined for eight notes within an octave. ACS generates melodic phrases by blocks of 8 notes. The first note of each sequence is randomly selected by ACS but the user can shape the melodic pattern of the whole with two parameters.
Range of difference of successive intervals
There can be 8 degrees of difference in pitch between 2 adjacent notes:
1 means that the phrase will move to the second note using the same note pitch. 2 means that the motion will be of one whole interval note above or below, depending on the direction set in the lower section.  And so on for the other settings.  So this Table basically works excluding half-intervals; the occurrence of half-tones is determined by the four adjustments to chord parameters at the right of the Table, or the Dissonance parameter in the Tune structure window; non-chord or dissonant notes is permitted by unselecting some of the boxes.

The value of frequency probability can be from 0 to 100. For example, if 2 have a frequency 70 and 3 have a frequency 80, jumping to a third interval above or below occurs more often than jumping to a whole note above or below.

Direction stability or change
Plus value raises the probability of keeping the direction taken by two adjacent notes as set in the upper section. Minus value raises the probability of changing the direction.

The probability of direction change can be from -50 to +50. Therefore the center means 0 or no change in difference between successive notes. Then, if only the interval 1 is set to maximum, a monotone melody is generated by this specific parameter.