Overview of parameters


This page gives overview of ACS’s parameters.

[Style] -> [Melody] -> [Dissonant]
[Dissonant] options are displayed when you click on the [Dissonant] combo box in the [Dissonant] dialog box. You will see the selected dissonance in the [Dissonant] window.
This parameter determines the rate of dissonant. Some musical styles such as classical music prohibits dissonant while some musical styles such as jazz can not be composed without dissonant.
In the Automated Composing System, dissonant is determined by provability table of scales and chords. With some scales, the dissonant parameter has no meaning because notes outside scale is considered as dissonant.
The following values can be selected as rate of dissonant.
Many Creates a melody that uses dissonance frequently.
Some Creates a melody with moderate amount of dissonance.
Little Creates a melody that uses dissonance a few times.
Prohibit Creates a melody without dissonance. There will be no weird notes. This means there will be no interesting notes.