Overview of parameters


This page gives overview of ACS’s parameters.

[Style] -> [Melody] -> [Instrument]
[Style] -> [Harmony] ->[Obbligato] -> [Instrument]
[Style] -> [Harmony] ->[Harmony (Main)] -> [Instrument]
[Style] -> [Harmony] ->[Harmony (Sub)] -> [Instrument]
[Style] -> [Rhythm] ->[Bass] -> [Instrument]
The following values can be selected as musical instrument group. None option allows you to mute the sound.
Piano Includes options such as Acoustic Grand Piano, Bright Grand Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Honky-Tonk Piano, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Harpsichord, and Clavinet.
Chromatic Percussion Includes options such as Celeste,  Glockenspiel, Music Box, Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone, Tubular Bells, and Santur.
Organ Includes options such as Full Organ, Percussive Organ, Rock Organ, Church Organ, Reed Organ, Accordion, Harmonica, and Bandoneon. 
Guitar Includes options such as Nylon String Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Clean Guitar, Muted Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar, and Guitar Harmonics. 
Bass Includes options such as Acoustic Bass, Fingered Electric Bass, Picked Electric Bass, Fretless Bass, Slap Bass 1, Slap Bass 2, Synth Bass 1, and Synth Bass 2. 
Strings/Orchestra Includes options such as Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Tremolo Strings, Pizzicato Strings, Harp, and Timpani.
Ensemble Includes options such as Ensemble Strings, Slow Attack Strings, Synth Strings 1, Synth Strings 2, Choir Aahs, Choir Oohs, Synth Vox, and Orchestra Hit.
Brass Includes options such as Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Muted Trumpet, French Horn, Brass, Synth Brass 1, and Synth Brass 2.
Reed Includes options such as Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Oboe, English Horn, Basson and Clarinet.
Pipe Includes options such as Piccolo, Flute, Recorder, Pan Flute, Bottle Blow, Shakuhachi, Whistle, and Ocarina.
Synth lead Includes options such as Square Wave, Saw Wave, Synth Calliope, Chiffer Lead, Charang, Solo Vox, Fifth  Saw Wave, and Bass & Lead.   
Synth pad Includes options such as Fantasia, Warm Pad, Polysynth, Space Voice, Bowed Glass, Metal Pad, Halo Pad, and Sweep Pad.   
Synth sound effects  Includes options such as Ice Rain, Soundtrack, Crystal, Atmosphere, Brightness, Goblin, Echo Drops, and Star Theme.
Ethnic Includes options such as Sitar, Banjo, Shamisen, Koto, Kalimba, Bagpipes, Fiddle, and Shanai. 
Percussive Includes options such as Tinkle Bell, Agogo, Steel Drum, Woodblock, Taiko, Melodic Tom Tom, Synth Drum, and Reverse Cymbal. 
Sound Effect Includes options such as Gt. Fret Noise, Breath Noise, Seashore, Bird, Telephone, Helicopter, Applause, and Gun Shot.
Other Includes options such as Dog, Rap Sound, Stereo Gamelan, Gamelan Gong, Er Fu, Didgeridoo, Undef 1, and Undef 2.
Custom(1) Includes options such as Piano Group, Guitar Group, Piano or Guitar, Wind Group, Melody Variation,  Hard Sound Variation, Soft Sound Variation, and Electric Variation. 
Custom(2) Includes options such as Acoustic Variation, Undef Variation 1, Undef Variation 2, Undef Variation 3, Undef Variation 4, Undef Variation 5, Undef Variation 6, and Undef Variation 7.
None This option allows you to mute the sound.
[Style] -> [Melody] -> [Instrument]
[Style] -> [Harmony] ->[Obbligato] -> [Instrument]
[Style] -> [Harmony] ->[Harmony (Main)] -> [Instrument]
[Style] -> [Harmony] ->[Harmony (Sub)] -> [Instrument]
[Style] -> [Rhythm] ->[Bass] -> [Instrument]
The following values can be selected as musical instrument.
[Piano] Group
Acoustic Grand Piano Electric Piano 1
Bright Grand Piano Electric Piano 2
Electric Grand Piano Harpsicord
Honky-Tonk Piano Clavinet
[Chromatic Percussion] Group
Celeste Malimba
Glockenspiel Xylophone
Music Box Tubular Bells
Vibraphone Santur
[Organ] Group
Full Organ Reed Organ
Percussive Organ Accordion
Rock Organ Harmonica
Church Organ Bandoneon
[Guitar] Group
Nylon String Guitar Muted Guitar
Steel String Guitar Overdrive Guitar
Jazz Guitar Distortion Guitar
Clean Guitar Guitar Harmonics
[Bass] Group
Acoustic Bass Slap Bass 1
Fingered Electric Bass Slap Bass 2
Picked Electric Bass Synth Bass 1
Fretless Bass Synth Bass 2
[Strings/Orchestra] Group
Violin Tremolo Strings
Viola Pizzicato Strings
Cello Harp
Contrabass Timpani
[Ensemble] Group
Ensemble Strings Choir Aahs
Slow Attack Strings Choir Oohs
Synth Strings 1 Synth Vox
Synth Strings 2 Orchestra Hit
[Brass] Group
Trumpet French Horn
Trombone Brass
Tuba Synth Brass 1
Muted Trumpet Synth Brass 2
[Reed] Group
Soprano Sax Oboe
Alto Sax English Horn
Tenor Sax Bassoon
Baritone Sax Clarinet
[Pipe] Group
Piccolo Bottle Blow
Flute Shakuhachi
Recorder Whistle
Pan Flute Ocarina
[Synth lead] Group
Square Wave Charang
Saw Wave Solo Vox
Synth Calliope Fifth Saw Wave
Chiffer Lead Bass & Lead
[Synth Pad] Group
Fantasia Bowed Glass
Warm Pad Metal Pad
Polysynth Halo Pad
Space Voice Sweep Pad
[Synth sound effects] Group
Ice Rain Brightness
Soundtrack Goblin
Crystal Echo Drops
Atmosphere Star Theme
[Ethnic] Group
Sitar Kalimba
Banjo Bagpipes
Shamisen Fiddle
Koto Shanai
[Percussive] Group
Tinkle Bell Taiko
Agogo Melodic Tom Tom
Steel Drum Synth Drum
Woodblock Reverse Cymbal
[Sound Effect] Group
Gt. Fret Noise Telephone
Breath Noise Helicopter
Seashore Applause
Bird Gun Shot
[Other] Group
Dog Er Fu
Rap Sound Didgeridoo
Stereo Gamelan Undef 1
Gamelan Gong Undef 2
[Custom(1)] Group
Piano Group Melody Variation
Guitar Group Hard Sound Variation
Piano or Guitar Soft Sound Variation
Wind Group Electric Variation
[Custom(2)] Group
Acoustic Variation Undef Variation 4
Undef Variation 1 Undef Variation 5
Undef Variation 2 Undef Variation 6
Undef Variation 3 Undef Variation 7