[Voice Selection] Dialog Box

  [Voice Selection] dialog box is used for setting the number of voices and bars.  
Usage of [Voice Selection] Dialog Box

[Voice Selection] dialog box is displayed when you click on the [Save] button in the [Save as] dialog box. At the same time, "Format Change" should be selected as the music style in the convert mode and you should select a file type other than "midi files" in order to show this dialog box.
Followings are the buttons you will use in this dialog box.

(1) [ Voice ] button Specifies whether you will use the voice or not.
(2) [ Tone ] button Selects the tone.
(3) [ Volume ] buttons Selects the volume.
(4) [ Start ] buttons Specifies the first bar to convert.
(5) [ End ] buttons Specifies the last bar to convert.
(6) [ Listen ] button Allows you to listen to each selected voice.
(7) [Automatic Adjustment] button

Adjusts the volume balance automatically.

(8) [ OK ] button

Opens [Save As] dialog box
If you are converting into "DOCOMO melody mail", [Text of Melody Mail] dialog box will be displayed.