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ACS helps you compose your original song easily even if you don't have a musical knowledge.  

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ACS Suits Your Level

For Beginners
If you are a DTM beginner who do not have musical knowledge,  but wishes to attach BGM onto your  homepage or your own games, just choose your favorite music style (arrangement patterns) out of 100 or more styles from ACS. Your original MIDI file will be created. 
For Intermediate and Advanced Users 
If you are an intermediate or an advanced user, you  will be able to compose the various styles of music by setting a parameter. It is possible not only to compose your specialized genres as many as you want, but also change accompaniments and rhythm patterns taking in some elements of other genres. So it will be a useful references for composing. For an interesting example, if you change the scale of a "string quartet" into the "Okinawa scale", you can create new music style that can be called like "string quartet of the Okinawa style".

Various Functions

 Creating Ringtones by Automated Arrangement
In the converting mode to perform automated arrangement, you can change only the music style by loading MIDI file, leaving the original melody and chord progression. A file of ringtone can be outputted in the Automated Composing System. It is not necessary to thin out a  sound if you use the automated arrangement function even when 16 or more chords are contained in the original MIDI file. A piece like Beatles' up-tempo rock number can also be changed and outputted to a style of musical box which will suit the ring tone.
 Creating Music Style Automatically
You can easily get bored of the music styles that are already prepared as those arrangements such as accompaniments and rhythm patterns are already fixed. In that case you can create your own music style. The easiest way is to use the buttons such as random pops or random jazz to create the music style itself automatically. 
 Extracting Music Style from Original Music
There is another way to extract a music style by loading MIDI file. For example, if you load the file of  "You Go Your Way" by Chemistry, you can get the accompaniment patterns of guitar, base, and drums. On this process, the information about the sound transition from the melody track is also extracted. So when you compose a new music automatically, the feature of the melody can be recreated.